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Katie Price flashes Her New Teeth On Loose Women As She Admits She ‘Had To Have New Teeth’

Katie Price has flashed her new teeth on Loose Women on Thursday afternoon.

Katie has flown to Turkey this week to have her new veneers after her other ones where ’10 years old and getting a bit old’.

Talking on the show Katie then said:

‘When I was drunk I fell off a skateboard and cracked my veneers. I was flying backwards and forwards to Turkey doing them and then last week I was due on Loose Women.

She continued:

‘Last week they put me out for five hours and I flew back the next day, which was fine because they gave me all the antibiotics and everything and then on my way [to the television appearance on Loose Women], I was like, “‘Oh my God, I feel really ill, really, really ill.

‘And I read the box and – because I’m allergic to penicillin – that’s what they’d given me so I was really ill for days after that. And then I did a chat with Piers Morgan with my temporaries and I was in so much pain.’

Then fellow Loose Women Jane Moore piped up and asked why she has them done in Turkey to what Katie replied:

“They are better they are more advance i feel”

More news to come…

Katie Price’s Face Has Swollen Up As She Appears On Loose Women

Today on Loose Women Katie Price was appearing on the show just days after having her new vanners put onto her teeth and we have to say her face looked very swolen.

Katie was hit otu by viewers to the show who just couldnt believe what she looked like as one person said that she looked like she had been ‘punched in the face’.

One person tweeted:

‘Just seen Katie price on tele. She hasn’t half f***** up her face these days’

While another said:

‘Can we all just take a minute and ask WHAT is going on with Katie Price‘s face……can she actually see out her eyes #Botox#NotAGoodLook#Botched#LooseWomen’

Other Twitter users compared her to the Cat Woman and Pete Burns.

What did you think of her look on the show?

Katie Price Has Trouble Speaking On Good Morning Britain After Having New Teeth

Katie Price Has Trouble Speaking On Good Morning Britain After Having New Teeth

On Monday Katie Price appeared on Good Morning Britain but she could hardly speak after gettin her new veneers in Turkey has left her with a mouth full of ulcers and pain.

Katie was away in Turkey last week starting the process for the new gnashers and they seem to have caused her nothing but trouble.

Katie came under a lot of fire last week after she canceled all of the rest of her tour but then jetted out to Turkey for the teeth.

During the very short interview Katie said:

I have got luminous teeth because I’m having my teeth done and they are like a gum shield.

“My mouth is full of ulcers.

Katie then said that she is having the new teeth put in tomorrow morning as she continued to say:

“I’m flying off to Turkey later to get my new teeth in the morning.”

Piers then joked about how Katie was dressed as she was wearing casual white top, joggers and heels when she turned to Piers and said:

 “Shut up Piers, I’m not in the mood.”

She wasnt taking no prisoners this morning now was she?

Katie Price And Mike Thalassitis Spotted ‘Together’

New couple alert??

It’s looking like Mike Thalassitis and Katie Price might be getting ‘together’ as they have both been spotted at the same Turkish Dental Clinic ‘getting cheap new teeth’

Both Katie and Mike took to their Instagram account to share photos of the viewers of the location in Turkey and they both tagged the dental place in their posts as they where shared at nearly the same time.

Could we see these pair hocking up?

Imagine that they both get together after having new teeth.

Jessica Shears Causes Upraw By Sharing Topless Photo To Promote Teeth Whitening Kit

‘She caused a lot of trouble by having Sex in the Love Island villa but now Jessica Shears has caused more in the outside world as she has decided to pose ropes while promoting teeth whining kits on Instagram.

The brunette beauty posed for a selfie holding the packet in her hands while she was too,ess and shared the photo to her near 1 million Instagram followers.

Along with the photo she said:

“People always compliment me on my white smile and I’ve totally got @WhiteWashLabsUK Nano Strips to thank for that! 30 minutes a night for 2 weeks and my teeth look amazing!!”

Fans stared to comment on the photo as one of her followers said:

: “I’m sorry but why did u have to do this with ur top off.”

What do you think?

Nadia Sawalha Admits She Has Been Having Botox In her Face To Stop Grinding Of Her Teeth

Nadia Sawalha Admits She Has Been Having Botox In her Face To Stop Grinding Of Her Teeth

Nadia Sawalha has revealed on Loose Women Thursday afternoon that she has been having botox in her face to try and stop herself from grinding her teeth because she has been told that she could lose her teeth because of this habit.

Sawalha has been diagnosed with Bruxism, what is excessive grinding causes teeth to loosen and eventually fall out.

Nadi admitted that the unorthadox treatment has helped but she has already lost one tooth die to her condition.

Nadia said to the other Loose Women:

‘I really do sympathise with Demi Moore because she has the same thing that I do, which is Bruxism, that’s the official term.

She then continued to say:

‘It’s actually teeth grinding. And I grind my teeth so badly, I grind them front and back and side to side. My jaw is almost a bit dislocated.

‘I have to go to very extreme measures. I actually had botox. I have botox injected into the muscle there because otherwise, I could potentially loose all my teeth.’

A video was shown live on the show of her having the treatment as she revealed that she is having it every six months to help with her problem.