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Anne Hegerty Screams Her Head Off As She Takes Part In Second Bushtucker Trial Of New I’m A Celeb Series

It’s only the second Bushtucker trial tonight on I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here and tonight The Chase star Anne Hegerty was voted by the public to do this trial.

The brain box had to be placed in a cave while green slime is poured all over her while she had to fish for stars.

In typical I’m A Celeb style it was not just the slime what was with Anne as she was joined by jungle critters.

In clips from tonight’s episode it shows hosts Holly Willoughby and Dec  watch carefully while Anne tries her best in the trial.

By the clips it looks like Anne did fantastic in the trial tonight but we will just have to wait and see.

Woman Passes Every Question On The Chase WATCH HERE!!

Viewers have been left shocked when they tuned into The Chase on Thursday afternoon when a woman on the show decided to say ‘pass’ to every single question apart from one that host Bradley Walsh asked her even before he had the chance to finish off the question.

Viewers just couldn’t believe their ears as she skipped away the questions only bring £1,000 into the prize pot.

Since the clip was shared on Twitter it has been watched by a whopping half a million people in just a few hours.

Have a look at the clip below

The Chase Star Anne Hegerty Admits To Smashing Up Set After Getting Questions Wrong

The Chase star Anne Hegerty who’s known as Governess on the show has confessed that when she gets questions wrong on the daily quiz show she often kicks the set as she is so annoyed with herself.

Talking to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Wednesday morning Anne said;

“I have been known to come back down and kick the set.

“I have to sort of kick a bit that won’t collapse.”

Phillip then said:

 “You get that angry?”

Anne then continued:

 “Sometimes when things just went wrong and I couldn’t get the answers up to my brain in time, it can be so frustrating.

“But you know, it’s our reputation out there and we don’t want to look foolish.”

The dark side of Anne Hegerty  lol.

Viewers Left Divided Over ITV’s Britain’s Brightest Family

Viewers Left Divided Over ITV's Britain's Brightest Family

Tonight Britain’s Brightest Family aired for the first time on ITV and it has left viewers divided.

The show hosted by The Chase star Anne Hegerty has been slammed over ‘easy questions’ and people saying that the questions are for ’11-year-olds’.

The show is about bright family’s who have to answer questions and then the winning family will go head to head to win a trip to Florida.

One person tweeted while the show aired:

Must say that was bloody easy. #BritainsBrightestFamily

While another said:

Am i missing something? Or are these questions mostly REALLY easy?#BritainsBrightestFamily

But it wasn’t all bad comments as some people really did love the show as one person shared:

#BritainsBrightestFamily was proper good old fashioned family quizzing. Reminded me a bit of Ask the Family. Well done @anne_hegerty and everyone involved

And other:

Well done @anne_hegerty really enjoyedyour show tonight will definitely be tuning in next week 👏🏼🖥📺#britainsbrightestfamily xxx

We have to say we found the show hard with some of the questions.

What did you thinK??

The Chase Viewers Left Shocked As joey Essex Beats Governess for £100,000

He did so well.

The Chase viewers have been left really shocked after Joey Essex beat the Governess for £100,000 for charity.

Joey was on the popular ITV show on Sunday night and the viewers just couldnt believe how many questions he was getting correct as in the first round he got three questions correct bring £3,000 added to the team’s total amount.

The Governess offered him £1000 if he wanted more lives, and £100,000 if he felt more confident.

Before the show started Joey told presenter Bradley Walsh that he had “no idea what’s going on” so to walk away with all that amount of money was great.

Viewers loved him on the show and we have to sya he did do well.

The Chase Viewers Lefts In Shock As ‘The Beast’ Punches Set And Storms Off

It’s not often when you watch and episode of The Chase and the chaser beats the contestants but that’s exactly what happened on Thursday afternoon.

It was just a normal show when Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett lost his cool and decided to jokingly punch the set and walked off after being defeated by the visiting team.

The contestants managed to win a whopping £60,000 to share between three.

The winners and host Bradley Walsh looked completely chocked as Mark just walked off the set as viewers took to their Twitter accounts.

One person tweeted:

Funny when Mark punches the set when he loses! #thechase

Another said:

Cheer up Beasty Boy @MarkLabbett that was a tough chase #TheChase

Very funny moment.