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Jeremy McConnell Breaks Down In Tears On Jeremy Kyle And Insists A ‘Good Father’

Jeremy McConnell Breaks Down In Tears On Jeremy Kyle And Insists A ‘Good Father’

He’s caused headlines every single day when Jeremy McConnell become a father with his Celebrity Big Brother love interest Stephanie Davies but now Jeremy has appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to talk about his life.

Jeremy opened up on the Celebrity special of the show and confessed that he believes that his is a ‘good father’ to his son despite not seeing him for eight months now,

Kylie asked McConnell:

“You haven’t seen your son for eight months, how can you be described as a good father?”

Jeremy then said back:

“When you look at the way it’s happened, me and Steph were living together when this incident happened.

“I went to court; the restraining order was put in place. I can go through the correct channels to see my son.”

Jeremy also got banned from entering the road Stephanie lives down in August of last year after he was accused of attacking her as judge Wendy Lloyd said:

“Steph had a number of injuries that were entirely consistent with her evidence including a large bite mark to her arm.

“I find you have displayed no remorse, not even for the effect of this episode on your young baby.”

Continuing to talk about missing his son, Jermy said:

 “Of course I miss him. I love him to bits.”

“It’s sad.

“Because look at him, like. That’s the link to my mum and dad. My mum and dad passed away and that’s my little boy.

“I never wanted a broken relationship with Steph. I had my part to play in the relationship, that was bad, but I’m not a bad person, do you know what I mean?”

So sad.

Tara Palmer-Tompkinson Talked About Nearly Dying Due To Her Cocaine Addiction During 2014 Interview On The Jeremy Kyle Show

Today we received the shocking news that Tara Palmer-Tompkinson had been found dead at her London home after suffering from a brain tumor for a year.

Now looking back during an interview on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2014 it showed Tara breakdown over her addiction to cocaine as she admitted that it nearly killed her.

She said on the show:

‘I remember timing my heart because I knew it was going to stop.

‘I remember my telephone was there [points] and I remember crawling on my hands and knees to pick up the phone and call, and then I woke up in hospital.

‘I remember saying my prayers. I knew my heart was stopping.’

Tara was sent to a rehab by her family costing a whopping £35,000 in Arizona but sadly that didn’t seem to stop her from taking the drugs.

Jeremy McConnell Has A DNA Test Live On This Morning To See If His Is The Father Of Stephanie Davis Baby! SEE HERE!!

As we have just told you Jeremy McConnell appeared on ITV’s This Morning to talk about how he feels that he might be the father of Stephanie Davis baby but now on the daytime show Jeremy underwent a DNA test live on the show to see if he really is a dad.

In a clip shown during the interview it showed a nurse taking a swab of his mouth and PHILLIP schofield said that they can keep the results private if Jeremy wished.

This Morning used the same DNA tests as The Jeremy Kyle Show uses and the same company too.

We will have to see if the results will be published.

Katie Price Spotted Watching The Jeremy Kyle Show On Her Phone In Restaurant

Katie Price Spotted Watching The Jeremy Kyle Show On Her Phone In Restaurant

When Katie Price appeared on Loose Women with Jeremy Kyle the pair flirted outrageously and now it seem’s Katie wanted her jezza fix as she watched his show of her phone in a restaurant.

Katie was papped watching the show with a female pal and in the photos that where taken you can clearly see Katie had the Mirror app up on her phone with The Jeremy Kyle show up on the iPhone.

It seem’s she clearly loves Jeremy.

What do you think??