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Eamonn Holmes Jokes About Using Tinder While He Sits Next To Wife Ruth Langsford

He’s so funny!

Eamonn Holmes has joked on This Morning on Friday that he is going to use Tinder while he sat on the sofa next to his wife Ruth Langsford.

The pair were talking about valentine’s day when Eamonn said:

“I’m dreading next Wednesday. Why are you so cold emotionally?”

To what Ruth replied:

 “I just think urgh Valentines Day…hearts and flowers.

“You know I love you – I don’t have to keep telling you.”

Holmes then said back:

 “Does it not make you jealous to think, say I was on Tinder, right, that I would be inundated with people?”

The pair then laughted it off and went into the add break.

Holly Willoughby Admits To Using Dating Apps Even Though She’s Married!

Holly Willoughby Admits To Using Dating Apps Even Though She's Married!

She’s been married for over ten years now but today Holly Willoughby admitted to using Tinder!

The mum of three admitted during a interview on Lorraine today that she wanted too see what modern dating was life because she had been with Dan Baldwin for such a long time she didnt want to miss out on all these fabulous apps.

Thankfully her using the apps was on a friends behalf so dont go looking through your dating profiles to try and see if you’re near Holly lolz.

Talking on Lorraine this morning, Holly said:

“I have set friends up online and chatted to people on their behalf so I have chatted to boys online without them knowing it’s me.

“And they’ve gone on dates and it’s actually gone really well!”

Then Holly was asked if she would have used dating sites if she was single as she said:

“I reckon I probably would’ve done.

“If it had been around in my day when I was single, I sometimes think maybe I could’ve tried that and other times I go I’m so glad that wasn’t around.”

Nothing wrong with that!!

We love Holly so if she can add Cupid to her long list of talents that who are we to judge.