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Vicky Pattison Has Signed Up To Say Yes To The Dress

With Vicky Pattison getting engaged this year to her boyfriend John Noble thoughts have turned to the wedding but now it’s looking like we might be able to watch the preparations and the wedding on our TV screens.

It’s been reported that Vicky has signed up to appear on Say Yes To The Dress and has demarnded a whopping TWO dresses.

Vicky will be shopping for dresses with wedding dress designer David Emanuel, who also hosts the show as he will try and find her the best dress or dresses shall we say.

Vicky has spoken about appearing on the show as she said to MTV.

“I’m such a big fan of ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ and have been watching obsessively on TLC,”

“I really can’t wait to meet David Emanuel and try on some gorgeous wedding dresses,”

Super exciting suff and we are so looking forward to watching this episode.

Honey Boo Boo’s Sister Anna Cardwell Decided To Have Daughter’s Extra Thumb Removed


If you remember back to what Honey Boo Boo was on the TV and when baby Kaitlyn was born she was born with two thumbs on one hand.

Now Anna Cardwell has decided to have the extra thumb removed and admitted that the little one has already underwent surgery to have it removed as her and her husband Michael Cardwell made the decision last August over fears that Kait would be bullied as she got older.

Taking to their Facebook page she shared:

I know a few people will be mad but we have made a decision on what to do will Kaitlyns thumb we have decided to remove it cause of school and because we don’t know what it will do to her when she is older and cause of kids these days of how mean they are and they don’t care not saying all kids are like that but some are but surgery is in October and I can tell everyone know I am going to be a wreck cause I know she is going to be scared but I just hope and pray everything will go well and she will be okay Michael Cardwell

Surely people will understand that they had the operation to better her life for the future and not judge?!

Jodie Marsh Gets Locked Up In Her Latest Documentary! WATCH CLIP HERE!!

Jodie Marsh Gets Locked Up In Her Latest Documentary! WATCH CLIP HERE!!

She went hunting last week but this week Jodie Marsh is getting locked up!

The TV presenter visits an american women’s prison where most of the women are serving life sentences and some of them are inside for murder.

Jodie spent 72 hours in the prison in Dallas and got to know the women who call the prison their ‘home’ it’s really worth a watch.

After the jump you will find a couple of clips from the documentary what is set to air on TLC Tuesday 20th September 2016.

Katie Price Calls Son Harvey A “Lucky B******” As He Takes The Reins On Katie Price Pony Club


On Katie Price’s new reality show Katie Price Pony Club we haven’t seen much of her son Harvey until tonight.

On tonight’s episode Harvey will take the reins and guide his own horse as he takes part in the carriage race and competes with the support of his brother and sister he takes the task in his stride and thoroughly enjoys himself.

Katie admitted that she feels Harve is a “lucky b******”.

It will be good to see Harvey on the show tonight.

We saw him briefly last week but tonight he will be on the show more.

Jodie Marsh Is In Bed With The Hunter! WATCH HERE!!


First they hated each other and now it look’s like Jodie Marsh and Rachel Carrie are friends now.

If you are unaware who Rachel is she is a hunter, she hunts wild game to eat and at first Jodie hater her but now they have become friends after filming her documentary Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting what aired last night on TLC.

Jodie runs her own Youtube channel where she uploads videos from beauty tutorials to meeting the animals at Colchester Zoo but this week’s video was all about being in bed with the hunter.

If you haven’t watched the video yet make sure you check it out below.

Nicole Reviews: Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting

Jodie Marsh Is Going Hunting For TLC! What Could Go Wrong?

Last night on TLC aired Jodie Marsh’ latest documentary Jodie Marsh Goes Hunting.

The show was about how Jodie who is an animals love rnad completely against hunting meet up with Rachel Carrie who’s hunter most of her life.

The pair bickered and didn’t see eye to eye in the first place but coming towards the end of the show we saw an emotional side to Jodie after she joined Rachael on a deer hunt.

We thought the documentary was an eye opener and was interesting to see Jodie put out of her comfort zone.

We are with Jodie we don’t think it right for someone to kill an animal’s just so they can have a selfie and upload online but if they are killing it for food then that’s a different story but it still isn’t nice to see something die.

Jodie said at the end of the doc that she would prefer an animal to be killed in the wild that you know has had a nice life to something that has been in a cage all it’s life and just goes to an abattoir and killed.

The doc was definitely an eye opener and we did like it.

If you haven’t seen Jodie’s documentary we will definitely recommend giving it a watch.

We hope Jodie does more shows soon.

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