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Camila Cabello To Open Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour?

it’s looking like Camila Cabello might be in talks to open Taylor Swift’s Reputation Tour.

Camila who has had so much success recently with her two latest singles hitting the number one spot in the music charts.

Portland’s Live 95.5 teased an upcoming promotion on their Twitter but since the tweet has been deleted.

A source has now spilled to US weekly:

“Camila is in final talks to open for bestie Taylor’s tour. It’s 99 percent a done deal.”

This could be so good for the Havana singer and we really think that it should happen.

What do you think??

Will Lady Gaga Be Able To Tour Ever Again??

Please say she will be able.

With Lady Gaga being forced to cancel her the rest of her tour on Saturday due to fibromyalgia the question is will she be able tour tour again.

It was only in September last year when Gaga was forced to cancel her tour for the first time and then again the weekend and we was wondering if she will be able to tour again.

Fibromyalgia is a condition where the entire body is in pain and  is a long-term condition what causes increased sensitivity to pain, fatigue and muscle stiffness.

People suffering with Fibromyalgia can have problems sleeping and with people like Gaga being on stage jumping around and performing on stage it’s not the best thing to walk out on stage night after night.

Viewers really got to see how hard it is for Gaga with the illness during her Netflix documentary.

We really hope that she will tour again but she needs to be back in the best health she can be.

Maybe she should start of just announcing a few dates and see how she goes.

Lady Gaga Forced To Cancel Europe Tour Due To Pain Thoughout Her Body

Lady Gaga Forced To Cancel Europe Tour Due To Pain Thoughout Her Body

Lady Gaga has been Forced to cancel the rest of her Joanne world tour due to pain thought out her body.

Gaga who only arrived in the UK on Friday to perform in Birmingham and over the weekend was forced to cancel her London,


In a statement Relesed on her Instagram account she said:

“Unfortunately, Lady Gaga is suffering from severe pain that has materially impacted her ability to perform live.

“As a result, Live Nation and Lady Gaga are announcing the cancellation of the final 10 dates of the European leg of her Joanne World Tour.

“Last night, with strong support from her medical team, Lady Gaga made the tough decision to immediately come off the road.

“She is extremely sorry and deeply saddened that she cannot perform for her European fans, who have waited so patiently.

It continued to say:

“She is in the care of expert medical professionals who are working closely with her so she can continue to perform for her fans for years to come.

“Ticket Holders may obtain a refund beginning Tuesday, 6-February at point of purchase.”

The Gaga also said herself:

“I’m so devastated I don’t know how to describe it.

“All I know is that if I don’t do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music.

“All my medical team is supporting the decision for me to recover at home.

“We’re cancelling the last 10 shows of my Joanne World Tour.

“I love this show more than anything, and I love you, but this is beyond my control.”

It was only in September when Lady Gaga cancelled the rest of her tour what was going to start in October due to the same condition.

Peter Kay Forced To Cancel 100 Date Tour

Peter Kay Forced To Cancel 100 Date Tour

It’s just been annouced that Peter Kay has been forced to cancel a 100 date tour.

A statement was shared on his Facebook page annouing that the tour has been canceled and people who purcahsed tickets are to get a refund.

The statement said:

“Due to unforeseen family circumstances I deeply regret that I am having to cancel all my upcoming work projects. This unfortunately includes my upcoming stand-up tour, Dance For Life shows and any outstanding work commitments.

“My sincerest apologies. This decision has not been taken lightly and I’m sure you’ll understand my family must always come first.

“I’ve always endeavoured to protect my family’s privacy from the media. I hope that the media and public will continue to respect our privacy at this time. Once again I’m very sorry.”

It’s not been said why he has been forced to cancel but we will keep you posted on this story.

Ed Sheeran Admits He’s Ready To Get Back On A Mike Again After His Fall

Ed Sheeran was forced to cancel the rest of his tour due to falling off a motor bike but now he has confessed that he is going to return to using motorbikes.

Ed has explained that not matter how much pain he was in he’s going to be hopping back onto a bike when his arms are back to normal.

Ed has said recently:

 “No, I think that’s the wrong way to live. I’m going to ride bicycles again.

“I’m going to ski, I’m going to go on skateboards.

” If I’m going to break my arm then I’m going to break my arm, nothing’s going to stop me from having accidents.”

That’s good.

Lets hope that he doesn’t have any more accidents.

Harry Styles Stops Mid Concert After Fan Has Panic Attack In Crowd

Harry Styles has been forced to cancel his concert mid way though after he noticed a fan was having a panic attack in the crowd.

Harry was performing live at the Eventim Apollo on Sunday night during a part of his solo world tour when the girl started having problems.

Harry stopped mid performance and shouted out:

“Is everyone OK? You still with me? Do you want to help her up? If everyone could give her some space. If everyone could chill for one second, we’ll get some people.”

The girl was them pulled over the barrier and treated by a medical team who where are the venue.

The girl in question using the Twitter name of @alienwhiteside tweeted:

“Harry Styles stopped his entire show because I got crushed and then watched me being pulled over the barrier…

“That was one of the most horrendous panic attack’s I’ve ever had like even the medics were terrified of the state I was in … Harry is so f***ing pure I can’t believe it …

“I was literally in the worst state that all I remember was Harry looking at me (sic)”

He’s so kind and thoughtful.

Good for you Harry.