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Trinny Woodall Admits She’s Not Ashamed Of Having Botox After ‘Feeling G****** Ugly’

Trinny Woodall Admits She's Not Ashamed Of Having Botox After 'Feeling G****** Ugly'

She’s been on our TV screens for years and years not but Trinny Woodall has admitted that she is not ashamed of having botox as she admitted that she felt ‘f****** ugly’ since she turned 30.

The This Morning fashion presenter admitted that she ‘loves’ having the the cosmetic treatment, explaining her desire to ‘look her best’.

Talking to Telegraph’s Stella magazine she said:

‘I’m still having Botox – I started at 35 – and I love it.

‘I’m not ashamed of wanting to look my best and of wanting other women, of any age but particularly of my age, to look as good as they can.’

She then continued to say that having spots as a teenager has made her feel negative about the way she looks as she continued:

‘I felt so f****** ugly until well into my 30s… I don’t think anyone realises how long that feeling of repulsiveness lasts,’


This Morning Viewers Shocked By Trinny Woodall’s Appearance As She Uses Phone On TV And Tries To Spit

Trinny Woodall has shocked fans after she was using her phone during live This Morning show, pretending to spit and getting told off by Phillip Schofield.

Viewers accused the fashion expert of being drunk while she was on air as she then revealed she had phlegm caught in her throat before going to spit it out on the studio floor.

She said:

‘I was just going to spit that phlegm somewhere else,’

‘Sorry, that was so undignified,’  ‘You know when you get it caught in your mouth?

‘I could hardly talk so I had to send it back down the other way.’

She really did shock the viewers today maybe she was having a funny five minutes??

Phillip Schofield Thinks Model Has ‘Gigantic Nipples’ During This Morning Fashion Segment

He’s not a one for not speaking his mind but now Phillip Schofield has been weighs in on Trinny Woodall’s fashion segment on This Morning.

The TV presenter had a model on the stage when her top stitching looked like large nipps and Phil decided to point this out live on the show.

Phillip said:

I’m sorry, I’m going to be a bloke here, thinking “Should I say it? Should I say it?”

‘So I’m going to say it, I think there’s a problem here with the seams on the sides of that top.’

‘It looks like gigantic nipples, and it’s not.’

Trinny then said:

‘Did you just say “gigantic nipples” on AIR?’

Haha Phil doesn’t care what he says live on air.


Phillip Schofield Calls Trinny Woodall A Koi Carp After He Says Her Top Look’s Like A Fish On This Morning

Phillip Schofield Calls Trinny Woodall A Koi Carp After He Says Her Top Look's Like A Fish On This Morning

What Trinny Woodall doesn’t know about fashion is nothing worth arguing about but today on This Morning, host Phillip Schofield compared her to a koi carp.

Trinny was wearing a silver sparkly top from Topshop, to what Phillip said to her:

‘You look like a koi carp in a pond.’

Triny then pulled a fish face and replied:

‘That’s such a compliment coming from you, with my lips too,’ before pulling her best fish face.

We have to say her outfit wasn’t the best of choices and yes she did look like a fish in a pond.

What do you think??

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