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TOWIE In Fake Rumors As Clelia Theodorou Doesn’t Press Call Button During Phone Conversation With Amber Turner

TOWIE hs caused more fake rumros as Clelia Theodorou was on the phone to Amber Turner during one sceen on Sunday night but she forgot to hit the call button as her phone screen was shown.

Twitter erupted with commnets and fans just coulnt stop laughting over the sceen’s as they have said that the phone conversation was staged.

One person said:

‘Someone tell Clelia to actually press the dial button-it’s the green one that shows the phone signal,’

While another quipped:

‘Clelia hun you need to press the green button to start the call’.


Phillip Schofield Speaks Out After Eating World’s Hottie Crisps

Earlier today we told you about how Phillip Schofield at the world’s hottied crisp live on This Morning and to tell the truth it sent the show into chaos.

Now Philip has tweeted about his experience of eating the crisp what you have to wear a glove to handle it.

Taking to Twitter he shared:

“After eating the hottest chilli in the world, I’m now recovering  Sitting in my dressing room with the shivers! All ok till it hit my stomach 8 minutes later!! I love a challenge pahaha .. but I’m not looking forward to tomorrow”

Phillip then admitted that he went 8 minutes without drinking milk after eating the crisp what much have felt like a lifetime with that burning the insides of his tummy.

Phillip Schofield Left Shocked After Loose Women Are Naked On LIVE TV

Phillip Schofield Left Shocked After Loose Women Are Naked On LIVE TV

He’s so funny.

Phillip Schofield has been left shocked when him and co-presenter Holly Willoughby crossed over to Loose Women studioes and the girls where naked.

Ruth LangsfordJane MooreColeen Nolan and Kelli Young all where anked behind a screen leaving Phillip left shocked.

The girls were talking about what was coming up on the show as they stood behind coloured screens to cover their modesty.

Starting to talk Ruth said:

“Good morning, we’re baring all today Holly, that’s what’s happening.”

When they crossed back to the This Morning studioes Holly said:

“That looks a very exciting show.”

It sure did.

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