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Phillip Schofield Admits The This Morning Studio Is Flooding Due To So Much Rain

It’s looking like they might get a bit wet while presenting This Morning.

Phillip Schofield has revealed live on the ITV show yesterday that the This Morning studio is leaking and during the show yesterday the producers had to have buckets all around to try and catch the water.

After Phillips mic stopped working he blamed the rain as he got up from his seat and showed the camera all the places where the roof was leaking.

He said:

“Let me show you something”

To what Holly Willoughby said:

 “Oh no, don’t out us!”

 Phillip then said:

“Oh no they’ve moved them

“There were three buckets on the other side of that pillar down there but because it made a noise during that chat, they’ve taken them out.”

“It’s absolutely sodden down here, so maybe it’s a bit of rain that’s got in my mic.”

It’s not just water what’s the problem in the studio as they have had problems with mice and moths over the last few months.

Lorraine Kelly Srips Off In Her Bikini And Jumps Into -29°C Icy Antarctic Waters Live On Lorraine

Lorraine Kelly has decided to srip off and flash the flesh live on her own show Lorraine as she jumped into icy waters in just her bikini live on the show.

Just after Lorraine finished talking to the camera she walked off and jumped into the water while Christine Bleakley looked on in horror from the studio in the UK where she is filling in.

Saying into the camera she said:

‘This is a first for me, this is Antarctica… and I’m going in.’

Kelly kept her gloves on and her hat while she ran into the water.

She must have been so cold.

Coleen Nolan Makes Rude Sexual Confession As Jamie O’Hara Leaves Her Soaking Wet!

It seems Coleen Nolan is having the time of her life in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The Loose Women star was soaked after fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara threw water all over her and Coleen joked that she had not been that wet in a while.

She said:

I’m wet now for the first time in this house cos there’s nothing to look at.”

Coleen has been very open over the last few months about her marriage troubles after her husband Ray Fensome hinted that he no longer fancied her any more.

Then Coleen decided to get revenge on Jamie along with Bianca Gascoign as they chased him around the garden.

They are just so naughty.

I’m A Celebrity Gets Accused Of Being Fake After Hot Water Is Turned On In The Shower

I'm A Celebrity Gets Accused Of Being Fake After Hot Water Is Turned On In The Shower

It has had some of the most sexiest scenes in the show history but now the shower has caused trouble in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle.

Source have reported that the shower in the cam shots out hot water and not cold like the celebrities make out when they first get in.

This has caused people to call the show fake!

The Sun has reported that the show is completely human made since it started 14 years ago.

It was back in 2006 when former campmates Cherie Blair’s sister Lauren Booth told the MailOnline:

‘Take the rocks around the edge of the encampment – they seemed to be hollow and made of papier mache.

‘I also realised that the waterfall, like the pool beneath it was not part of the jungle at all, but a man-made creation.

‘Unless, of course, real rain forest waterfalls get turned off between three and six every afternoon.’

You learn something new every day.

At the end of the day aren’t they entitled to a hot shower.

Amanda Holden Throws Water Over Steven Mulhern In Revenge Over The Botox Joke

Amanda Holden Throws Water Over Steven Mulhern In Revenge Over The Botox Joke

     Amanda Holden has gotten her revenge on Steven Mulhern as she threw water over him on her last day of hosting ITV’s This Morning. It was when Britian’s Got Talent was airing earlier this year when Steven joked about Amanda having Botox and then she threw lots of water over Mulhern but it seems she didn’t get enough revenge on him as she threw her water over him again. The mum of two looked…

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