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Frankie Bridge Rumored For This Years I’m A Celebrity

frankie bridge engament ring

Her husband Wayne Bridge took part in the 2016 series of I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here but now it looks like Frankie Bridge is going to follow in his footsteps.

It’s been said that Frankie is rumored to be going into the Australian jungle when the series returns next month.

Frankie who has two children with Wayne has been rumored alongside Blazin Squad star Marcel Somerville, Singer Fleur East, EastEnders star Rita Simons and reality star Charlotte Dawson.

We have to say we think that Frankie would do fantastic in the jungle and we would so love to see her on the show.

Frankie Bridge Shows Off Her MASSIVE Engagement Ring In New Selfie

They have been married since 2014 but on Saturday Frankie Bridge flashed her massive engagement ring what hubby Wayne Bridge brought her in a new Instagram selfie.

In the photo Frankie had a filter with bunny ears on herself as she held her coffee mug up to her lips fans noticed just how big her engagement ring is.

The ring is a whopping 3 carats and is estimated to have caused a whopping £40,000.

Such a beauty of a ring.

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Frankie Bridge Gives Husband Wayne A Telling Off For Talking About Their Sex Life In The Jungle

She aired her views on Twitter when Wayne Bridge was talking about their sex life in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle but now Frankie Bridge has gave her husband a telling off.

It was during the taxi ride back from the jungle to the hotel when frankie decided to bring up the moment as she said that she could have “filled” him because she was watching the show with her mum at the time.

She said:

‘I could have killed you when you started to talk about our sex life.’

To what Wayne replied:

‘I didn’t say too much though.’

Frankie then replied:

‘You said enough though, and I was sat with my mum.

It must have been so embarrassing for her.


Wayne Bridge Admits He Would Like To Have More Sex With Wife Frankie Bridge

Wayne Bridge Admits He Would Like To Have More Sex With Wife Frankie Bridge

He talked about his sex life in the I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here jungle much to the disgust of his wife Frankie Bridge but now has spoken about how he would like to have more sex with his wife.

Wayne Bridge was voted out of the I’m a celebrity jungle this week and has said that he would like to be more intimate with Frankie.

Talking to the Daily Star he said that he wants it every day but it comes with difficulties because they have young children.

He said:

‘I work hard for that every time we have it.
‘I’m the instigator because I want it every day. But it’s hard when you’ve got young kids.’

It is hard but at the end of the day you have to make time.

Martin Roberts And Wayne Bridge Have Been Voted Out Of The I’m A Celebrity Jungle In Double Vote Off


Tonight the campmates in I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here where left completely shocked as it was a double vote off causing Martin Roberts and Wayne Bridge to be voted out by the public.

Martin was interviewed first as he survived 14 days in the jungle and has caused a lot of trouble in the process with his other camp friends.

Talking during his interview he said:

“what any experience holy mackerel i never knew it would be anything like that. The people the way it feels to you it exceeded my expectations.”

When asked about how hard the jungle was he said:

“It was harder i saw the group and how close they become and there where a few compilations with Danny Baker and it become really though quickly”

When asked about when the turning point int he jungle was when people started to like him Martin said:

“That morning where both the teams where fighting over me was the turning point and it’s something what i will never forgive it really was a truly lovely thing and i will remember it for the rest of my life”

Martin was then asked about his relationship with Larry Lamb what wasn’t the best he said:

“I never had a problem with Larry but he did with me he was a bit of a martach and everyone loved him and he was worried that i was going to take over his role and he made it clear on a number of occasions that i was not going to take over his place”

Not everyone is going to like you but i cant do nothing about it.”

When asked who he think will win the show he said:

“That’s so hard they all deserve their places we will just have to see it’s really hard”

It was then Wayne’s turn to be interviewed and talking about his time in the jungle he said:

“ive had such a good time and i was so nervous about coming in.”

Wayne said that he found his time in the jungle hard:

“I didnt expect it to be that hard, food, energy, i missed the kids and the missues i spend all day every day with them and ill probably be ripped for crying on TV.”

Talking about his friendship with Adam Thomas he said:

“i got on really well with Adam Thomas but i got on well with everyone i cant believe the way i have been acting in there Jordan Banjo really hit me and im off to see him now so why was i crying for?”

When he was asked who’s going to win the show he said:

“I cant pick ill pick Scarlett Moffatt as a queen and Adam as the king”

We have to say we will miss Wayne but now so much for Martin.