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Dawn French Talks About Her Mass Weightloss On Loose Women Ahead Of Her 60TH Birthday

Dawn French has lost so so much weight over the last few years and now approaching her 60th birthday Dawn has opened up about her weight.

The actress was on Loose Women on Tuesday promoting her new book Me You A Diary when the conversation turned to just how much weight she has lost.

Talking on the lunchtime show Dawn said:

‘I shed the weight a long time ago, I go up a bit, down a bit, feel no different, I’m still Dawn, I liked the old Dawn, I may go there again, depends how many doughnuts I decide to eat.

Dawn looked younger than every on Loose Women today she really has done so well to lose all that weight.

She looks fab.

Lauren Goodger Breaks Down In Tears On Loose Women Due To Media

Lauren Goodger Breaks Down In Tears On Loose Women Due To Media

Today Lauren Goodger made an appearance on Loose Women to talk about the rumors that she was going to have a gastric band and to talk about how she has ended her relationship to Joey Morris.

The former TOWIE star broke down on the show during the interview because she confessed that the media is causing her to have worries about her weight and how the paparazzi follow her everywhere to get snaps.

More news to come…

Mariah Carey Now Weights Near 19 STONE After New Eating Habbits

Mariah Carey is known for her famous tunes but to not the songs what have got people talking as it’s her weight.

Radar Online have reported that the singer is now weighing near 19 stone after boozing out on food.

Sources have also said that she has put on so much weight that she now is having trouble walking and it’s causing serious health problems.

Its only been over the last few months where Carey has changed a lot As remember when she was performing on stage on July 11th when she could Harley walk along the stage.

Holly Willoughby Left Shocked As Nadia Sawalah Commenys On Her Weight Loss

Holly Willoughby has been left shocked as they crossed over live on This Morning to the Loose Women studios and Nadia Swalah decided to comment and giggle about Holly’s weight loss.

Nadia said during the live link:

Holly Willoughby’s disappearing!’

Holly really didn’t seem happy that her weight loss had been mentioned and the look on her face was priceless.

Holly Willoughby Shows Off Her Amazing Weight Loss As She Poses In The Mirror For A Selfie

Holly Willoughby Shows Off Her Amazing Weight Loss As She Poses In The Mirror For A Selfie

Holly Willoughby has amazed Instagram followers with her amazing weight loss.

The This Morning presenter has been getting thiner and thiner over the last few months but in a new selfie uploaded by Holly herself it shows just how much weight she really has lost.

Holly looked fab as she was wearing a white off the shoulder top with some tiny shorts as she posed bear foot.

Her body is amazing and she really does look great.

This Morning Viewers Left FEUROUS After Weightloss Expert Tells Presenter Eamonn Holmes That He Is ‘FAT’

What a show.

viewers just couldn’t believe their ears after today on This Morning a weightloss exert was on the show and told presenter Eamonn Holmes that he is ‘too fat’.

Eamonn and his wife and co-presenter Ruth Langsford seemed reall shocked to her what he had said and the viewers were just lefted angered!

The segment on the show was about weather you should tell a loved one if they’re are overweight but it just turned to the expert hitting ou at Holmes and his size.

Eamonn asked Steve th expert:

‘What would you say to me, then?’

We’ve turned to Eamonn and said:

 ‘Eamonn, I adore you – but you are too fat!’

He then turned to Ruth and said:

“sort it out Ruth”

Implying that it’s Ruth’s fault or Eamonn being ‘large’.

It’s a good job that Eamonn too it in a jokey way otherwise that could have turned nasty.