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Katie Price Admits If She Passed Away Peter Andre Would Get Everything

Katie Price Admits If She Passed Away Peter Andre Would Get Everything

Yesterday on Loose Women the girls where talking about when they die and who will get all their wealth.

During the talk Katie Price admitted that her ex husband Peter Andre will get everything of hers if she was to die tomorrow because of her will and how she hasn’t changed it since she divorced the singer.

Talking on the show she said:

“I would guarantee Kieran would definitely take on Harvey, 100 per cent, he would have no doubt with that,”


She then continued:

“If I died now Pete would get everything,”

“Junior, Princess and Harvey, I haven’t even changed my will thinking of it. So let’s hope nothing happens because why should they get it?

“And I’ve been married twice since then!”

Hopefully now that the topic has been brought up Katie will change her will and put the correct people in it.

Royle Family Star Caroline Aherne Left £500,000 To Her Mother As She Died Without A Will


She passed away in July of this year but now it’s been said that Caroline Aherne left £500,000 to her mother after she passed away from cancer.

Caroline never had a will but all the money has just been handed to her mother Maureen as the Tax threshold of £325,000 she will be forced to pay more than £71,000 back to the taxman. 

Caroline’ business Mitzi Entertainment had just £76,000 in the bank when she died when it was worth almost £300,000.