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Who Is Zoella AKA Zoe Sugg?

Over the last few days Zoella aka Zoe Sugg has been getting a lot of media attention over her ‘overpriced’ Christmas advent calendar and some offensive tweets from years ago have resurfaced online.

But just who is Zoella??

Well Zoella whose’ real name is Zoe Sugg is a british Youtuber who has ammased a massive following online from vlogging and sharing clips from recently shopping

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Perry Edwards Enjoyed Secret Date With YouTube Star Zoellas Younger Brother

She’s not had that much luck in the love world but now it seems things might be different for Perry Edwards

Now it’s been reported that Perry has been on a date with YouTube star Zoellas brother Joe Sugg.

According to reports that have been pubsled in the sun Joe and Perry exchanged flirty texts on social media and then they ended up on a date together. 

The source

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