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Helen Skelton Looks Sensational As She Presents Big Week At The Zoo And Poses On Instagram

When does she ever go wrong?

Helen Skelton has stunned as she was dressed in all denim dress and some leopard print shoes while she hosted new show Big Week At The Zoo.

Helen was presenting the show from Yorkshire Wildlife Park alongside Nick Baker and opted to pose for a few photo to share to her Instagram account.

Along with the photo Helen said:

“@bigweekatthezoo @channel5_tv 8pm this eve,”

She looks simply great.

Colchester Zoo Visitors Left In Shock After Vulture Is Killed By Lion Infront Of Visitors

Members of the public at Colchester Zoo have been left in shock after a much loved vulture flew out of the display ground and onto the netting of the Lion enclosure and found hole where it flew into the enclosure and was killed by a female lion.

Tourist watched the drama unfold at the Zoo in Essex and even saw the bird be killed by a lioness.

Yatsey was still alive when the keepers managed to get into the enclosure and get her out but sadly she died on the way to the vets in the back of the car.

Yatsey suffered a puncture wound when one of the zoo’s lionesses bit him during the attack.

A member of the public said to Ipswich Star:

‘It’s a bit unbelievable, really. We were watching the falcon display and the trainer said, we’re going to have to try something different with the vulture today because the winds are blowing in a different direction.
‘Obviously, the vulture didn’t do what they hoped it would do because it just carried on flying off and you could hear the trainer saying, ‘Where’s he going? Where’s he going?’

Another visitor has said:

‘Me and my family witnessed this yesterday and I have to say the team at Colchester zoo were fantastic in clearing the area of visitors and attending to the situation straight away.’

Colhester Zoo have relesed a statement saying:

‘We are very saddened to report that on Sunday 4th February Eurasion Griffon Vulture Yatsey passed away.

‘Yatsey was free flying during one of our educational bird displays when he diverted from his usual course and landed on the netted roof above the lion’s enclosure, instinctively, one of the lioness’ caught Yatsey.

‘Keepers acted quickly and effectively to get the lions into their inside enclosure to prevent them from causing further harm.

‘Yatsey was swiftly retrieved by keepers and after an initial examination Yatsey had sustained a puncture wound which looked treatable and keepers were confident he would pull through with veterinary treatment.

‘However, following the situation Yatsey had experienced, on the journey to the vets Yatsey sadly passed away from shock.

‘The netting used above the lion’s outdoor area is designed to stop birds from landing within the enclosure, this is not designed as a security feature, we can confirm that at no point was the safety and security of the lion’s enclosure compromised.

‘We would like to thank visitors for their understanding and cooperation whilst keepers worked to retrieve Yatsey.

So sad!

Anna Ryder Richardson Admits Running A Zoo Lead To The Divorce From Husband

Anna Ryder Richardson has admitted that her buying and setting up a zoo has ended her marriage as she has just been through a divorce from Colin MacDougall.

Anna who found fame on BBC show Changing Rooms and then had her own show called Chaos At The Zoo had film crews filming her every move on the zoo and now she has admitted that the stresses from the zoo caused the breakdown in her marriage.

She said:

“The stresses and strains and expense of running our wildlife park have destroyed our marriage. I’m moving lock stock and barrel to France, and I’m getting divorced.

“I still well up thinking about all the beautiful Welsh countryside and the nature. I had the best of times there, but they became the hardest of times. We had so much work to do we never saw each other.

“I’m having to start all over again with nothing and it’s scary. I’m older and wiser, but I’ve lost a bit of confidence.

She continued to say:

“I’m wrinkled and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I woke up one morning and thought, “Here I am, broke, middle-aged, sad and now single.” We were a privileged couple who had it all, but somehow it all got lost.”

Anna and her husband brought Manor House Wildlife Park in 2008 for £1 million and then they spend another £1 million making the zoo what was falling to bits a tourist attraction.

She then continued to talk about how much they struggled with money after buying the zo as she said:

 “It cost us more than £300,000 to build a state-of-the-art rhino house, yet we were freezing to death in a log cabin 50ft long by 20 ft wide. The animals had a warmer, better home than us. Even I, the passionate interior designer, can see the irony in that.

“But our arguments weren’t about our basic living conditions. We argued about whether our rhinos and gibbons were warm enough and even turned our heating off to save money. Our discussions were not what we were having for dinner but what food they were having.”

Then talking about their TV show on Channel 4 about the zoo added more trouble to their marriage:

“It was really beginning to affect me mentally. It was getting to us that our lives weren’t private and our two daughters had to put up with being known from a young age, and that isn’t always good.”

“The daily drudgery of practical chores had us bickering and rowing. There wasn’t really time for us anymore because we had so much to be done each day.

“Then came the sad realisation that even though we are still friends, the marriage wasn’t working anymore. We love each other, but we are not in love. It hurts.”

so sad that their marriage broke down over the zoo.

BBC Journalist Mobbed By Lemurs During Live New Report From Zoo

So funny.

During a live broadcast from Banham Zoo a BBC newsreader got more than he bargained for when he was jumped on by a group of lemurs.

Alex Dunlop was at the zoo in Norfolk when all the primates started to jump on him and even have a nibble of his finger too.

The video has been shared on Twitter and Alex really did struggle with  the aggressive primates while he filmed BBC Look East.

At one point during the clip you can hear Alex saying ‘You little ****’.

So funny.

Woman mauld By Tiger In Zoo Horrific Images Captured

A zookeeper has been mauled by a Siberian tiger she cared for.

Visitors and other zoo staff threw objects at the tiger to try and get it away from the defenceless women and thankfully it worked as the keeper working for Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia was badly mauled but was rushed to hospital is expected to survive.

So scary.

Gorilla Escaping From London Zoo: Here’s What We Know Already

Born Free Want 'Urgent Inquiry' Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

Yesterday we broke the news to you that 29 stone gorilla Kumbuka escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo yesterday.

Since the news broke there have been lots of more information come out about what just went on and how the animal got out of his cage and into a “keeper only zone”.

Below is a look back at all the information we know already about the escape.

BREAKING NEWS: Gorilla Escapes From London Zoo!

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Gorilla On The Loose At London Zoo Is Darted And Returned To Its Enclosure

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Gorilla At London Zoo “Cracked” Its Enclosure In Escape Bid

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Born Free Want ‘Urgent Inquiry’ Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

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