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Colchester Zoo Visitors Left In Shock After Vulture Is Killed By Lion Infront Of Visitors

Members of the public at Colchester Zoo have been left in shock after a much loved vulture flew out of the display ground and onto the netting of the Lion enclosure and found hole where it flew into the enclosure and was killed by a female lion.

Tourist watched the drama unfold at the Zoo in Essex and even saw the bird be killed by a lioness.

Yatsey was still alive when the keepers managed to get into the enclosure

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Anna Ryder Richardson Admits Running A Zoo Lead To The Divorce From Husband

Anna Ryder Richardson has admitted that her buying and setting up a zoo has ended her marriage as she has just been through a divorce from Colin MacDougall.

Anna who found fame on BBC show Changing Rooms and then had her own show called Chaos At The Zoo had film crews filming her every move on the zoo and now she has admitted that the stresses from the zoo caused the breakdown in her marriage.

She said:

“The stresses and strains and expense

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BBC Journalist Mobbed By Lemurs During Live New Report From Zoo

So funny.

During a live broadcast from Banham Zoo a BBC newsreader got more than he bargained for when he was jumped on by a group of lemurs.

Alex Dunlop was at the zoo in Norfolk when all the primates started to jump on him and even have a nibble of his finger too.

The video has been shared on Twitter and Alex really did struggle with  the aggressive primates while he filmed BBC Look East.

At one point during

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Woman mauld By Tiger In Zoo Horrific Images Captured

A zookeeper has been mauled by a Siberian tiger she cared for.

Visitors and other zoo staff threw objects at the tiger to try and get it away from the defenceless women and thankfully it worked as the keeper working for Kaliningrad Zoo in Russia was badly mauled but was rushed to hospital is expected to survive.

So scary.

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Gorilla Escaping From London Zoo: Here’s What We Know Already

Born Free Want 'Urgent Inquiry' Over The Gorilla What Escaped From London Zoo

Yesterday we broke the news to you that 29 stone gorilla Kumbuka escaped from his enclosure at London Zoo yesterday.

Since the news broke there have been lots of more information come out about what just went on and how the animal got out of his cage and into a “keeper only zone”.

Below is a look back at all the information we know already about the escape.

BREAKING NEWS: Gorilla Escapes From London Zoo!

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Gorilla At London Zoo “Cracked” Its Enclosure In Escape Bid


As we have been reporting to you about the 29 stone gorilla what excPter from its enclosure yesterdY at London Zoo.

Well now we have found out a. Little more about what happend.

According to eyewitnesses the gorilla named as Kumbuku has been “angry” all day and was constantly busting up and hitting the glass forcing the glass to wobble and crack letting the animal exscape.

Eyewitnesses told MailOnline they were told not to look the

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