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Savannah O’Reilly Is Voted Out Of Big Brother

Savannah O’Reilly Is Voted Out Of Big Brother

Yes yes yes yes.

Sorry we mean it’s very sad news!

Savannah O’Riley has become the four housemate to be voted out of the Big Brother house.

Savannah who’s only been in the house for a week was voted 0ut by the public and we have to say we think the correct person went tonight.

What do you think?

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Jennifer Lopez And Drake Have Ended Their Relationship!

Jennifer Lopez And Drake Look In Love As They Cuddle Up And Both Share Same Pic To Instagram

Well that didn’t last long.

It’s looking like Jennifer Lopez and Drake’s relationship is over just after a few weeks as sources have said that they have ‘cooled things off.’

E! News has peen reporting saying that the pair are going their separate ways, at least temporarily. 

A source has said:

‘[They] have taken some time apart, not because they don’t want to be with each other, just because their schedules

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Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Are Together Again Just TWO Days After SPLIT

Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna 'Are Together' But Are To Live Separately For Sometime!

Ohh not they are back again together.

Well they had a dramatic weekend with Blac Chyna walking out on Rob Kardashian and leaving him with not even the food in the fridge.

Now according to sources the pair are back together now but are not living with one and other.

Lets hope that now they are together they can get one and maybe be back living together for christmas.

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Is Cheryl Having Twins? 

Is Cheryl Having Twins? 


Cheryl hasn’t confirmed if she is pregnant or not yet but now it seems like she might be having two little ones.

According to sources Cheryl has a history in her family of having twins.

Her great grandfather had a romance with his housekeeper and they had twins together.

A sources has reported:

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Jodie Marsh Sells Her famous Boob Belt For £100,000 For Charity!

She was well known for going out dressed in belts but now Jodie Marsh has decided to sell them famous belts for charity. 

Jodie is selling the belts on eBay and have already reached £100,000 on the auction site and as a special Jodie is also throwing in the mini skirt what she also wore with the belts.

The bodybuilder splashed the link to the page where fans can buy the items all over social media and fans went crazy for them.

Taking to

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James Corden Spotted Filming Christmas Special Of Carpool With Mariah Carey 

Exciting news!!

On Saturday James Corden was spotted and photographed out and about with Mariah Carey filming the Christmas special of Carpool Karaoke. 

James was wearing a green Christmas jumper while Mariah had a red leather jacket on. 

Corden was spotted out in Calabasas yesterday afternoon where him and his team picked u Mariah from her home then they drove off in the car what James films in and it had all the cameras

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