Private Snaps Of Kate Moss Shared As Sister Lottie’s Facebook Gets Hacked!

Private Snaps Of Kate Moss Shared As Sister Lottie's Facebook Gets Hacked!

Ohh snap this isn’t good!

Private photos of Kate Moss have been published after her sister Lottie’s facebook got into the hands of hackers and decided to steal the photos from it.

The Sun on Sunday have reported that Kate’s little sister Lottie, 18, fell victim to evil hackers on Saturday and got her account hacked!

Sources have been reporting saying that photos from Kate’s last birthday party were a prime target, while other family-focused shots have been compromised. Some of which show her looking less than perfectly preened for the camera lens.

Sharing her anger Lottie tweeted:

“When ur Facebook gets hacked and they change ur password lol okay.”

A source has reported:

“Kate isn’t on social media but Lottie is quite open on all her platforms — although she has become far more guarded now.

“She realises she’s a target for trolls who want information on her and her sister.

“None of the images were ever intended to be shared with the world so it’s not very nice for them to have these personal moments pored over by some faceless hacker.”

This is not good but one question that we want to ask is why would her younger sister have nude photos of Kate on her Facebook??

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