Candice Brown Wins Great British Bake Off!!

Candice Brown Wins Great British Bake Off!!


It’s been annouced on BBC tonight that Candice Brown has been corwen the winner of Great British Bake Off.

The PE teacher said that she was “complete and utter disbelief” after she beat Jane Beedle and Andrew Smyth to be crowned the winner.

Talking about Candice winning show judge Paul Hollywood said:

“The standard was exceptionally high. Candice is very much all or nothing.

“When you look back on some of her bakes they have been beautiful. When she nails it, she is one of the best.”

Highlights of Candice’s Bake Off career have included a marzipan peacock and a gingerbread version of the pub she grew up in, complete with a sticky carpet.

Then talking about winning Candice said that it was simply a dream come true as she said after being crowned winner:

“When they said my name, that means more to me than anyone will ever realise.

“I have low self-belief, even though my friends and family constantly build my confidence up. So it was a big moment in my life, probably the biggest so far.

“I felt that everything happens for a reason, and I did it, and that makes me smile so much. In fact, I can’t stop smiling.

She continued:

‘When they announced the winner, I almost didn’t hear it, and was in complete and utter disbelief. I was aware of it but I couldn’t take it in. Mary and Paul came over and I thought my knees would give way, I was trembling so much.

“One of the biggest moments for me was when Mary gave me the bouquet of flowers, and Paul handed me the trophy, and Paul said to me ‘take it, it’s yours’ and then I cried. I was in shock but totally elated.”

Massive congratulations to her.

Must be a massive achievement.

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