Michael Bublé’s Son Noah Is Cleared Of Cancer!!

This is amazing news!
Michael Bublé’s Son Noah was diagnosed with cancer in November but now it;s been said that the three-year-old has been cleared of the horrible disease.

Noah’s aunt, nutritionist Daniela Lopilato has apparently told journalist Tomas Dente that ‘The cancer has gone.’

Talking on a TV show he said:

‘I’m going to read word for word what Daniela told me because I don’t want to miss out even a comma.

 ‘She tells me, ‘Yes, Noah is recovering and we’re very happy that’s the case. His parents will speak when they want to do so.’

He continued:

‘There’s a sentence which I think is wonderful and has to do with the information a colleague of mine had received and I insist there’s no official confirmation because Noah’s parents haven’t spoken but in principle the youngster is on the mend.

‘The sentence is, “The cancer has gone.”‘

That’s what we like to hear.

Amazing news.

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