Phillip Schofield Poses With Family Members During Game Of Murder Mystery During Lockdown

Phillip Schofield has taken to his Instagram account on bank holiday Friday to as he enjoyed a murder mystery night.

Phillip posed with his wife Stephanie and two daughters Ruby, 24, and Molly, 27 in the photo as they where all dressed in black for a game of murder mystery.

Phillip looked happy to be back at his Oxfordshire family home after spending the last few weeks in London in a rented flat as he continues to present This Morning Monday to Thursday in the coronavirus lockdown .

Ruby’s boyfriend, Will Proctor, who was seen posing in the background of the snap as they where all dressed as characters for a murder mystery game night – seemingly the first time they have been together during lockdown.

Along with the snap Phillip shared:

‘Murder mystery night… we’re all in character and taking it very seriously.’

Phillip seemed happy to b e back at the family home and it’s lovely to see them all together again.

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