Frankie Bridge Holds Back The Tears As She Tells Her Followers Her Chihuahua Pixie Has Died

Frankie Bridge has told her Instagram followers that her pet Chihuahua Pixie has passed away.

The former singer took to her Instagram account on Monday when she said revealed the sad news as she spoke directly to camera as she apologised for missing her regular social media segment the night before and explained the heart-breaking reasons why.

Frankie said:

‘Hi guys, sorry I haven’t really been on. I missed Frankie’s Faves yesterday and didn’t even let you know so I’m really sorry about that.

‘I had a really crap day yesterday. Some of you may or may not know that I used to have dogs – Presley a pug and Pixie a chihuahua.

She then continued to say:

‘And when Parker was born, he has always had breathing problems, we were in and out of hospital with him and in the end the doctors decided it would be best if we didn’t have dogs, which was absolutely gutting for me.

‘But I managed to re-home them through a really lovely family that lived just up the road from me so I could see them, they’d keep me updated with the dogs and I could visit whenever I want.

‘And they loved them just as much as I do which is amazing and was one of the main priorities for me.

‘So the dogs have had like the most amazing life with this new family but yesterday I got the sad news that Pixie the chihuahua had passed away in the night.

So sad.

It’s horrible when pets pass away they are parts of the family.

Sending love to Frankie.

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