Caroline Flack’s personal trainer Bradley Simmonds Admits Her Death Was A ‘Big Shock’

Caroline Flack’s personal trainer and friend has said that her death in February of this year was a ‘shock’.

Bradley Simmonds was a friend of Caroline’s and her personal trainer and admitted her death was ‘a big shock to the system.’

Speaking to Professor Green during an Instagram Live workout, Bradley said:

‘My good friend and client Caroline recently passed away and that was a tough, tough moment.

‘It was a big shock to the system. It made me see that people who seem happy, who have a good career, it doesn’t matter, who you are or how successful you are, everyone can struggle.’

It must have been so hard for him and all of her friends and family.

It was extremly hard for fans to cope with so we cant imagine what he would have gone thought when he found out the news.

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