Leona Lewis admits She’s Already ‘Writing Christmas Songs’ To Take Her Mind Off The Coronavirus Pandemic

Yes loved One More Sleep.

Leona Lewis has admitted that she is already writing more Christmas songs.

The singer who scored a massive hit a few years ago with One more Sleep talked about her music writing on This morning on Wednesdays when she said that to take her mind off the Coronavirus pandemic she has started writing more music for the festive period.

Leona was on the show to perform her own version of Robbie Williams’ Angels in tribute to the NHS and told how looking forward to the Yuletide season is helping her get through lockdown.

Taking to show hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield Leona admitted:

 ‘I’m already writing Christmas songs. It makes me happy to look forward to Christmas now, especially with everything going on.’

Leona then said that the world wide lockdown hasn’t really stopped her from making music as she continued to say:

 ‘I wasn’t that technical before lockdown but now I’ve recorded myself and learned to edit myself, I’ve had to become proficient with engineering which I never did before.’

Then talking about why she decided to choose Robbie’s son she continued to say;

‘It’s something I’ve grown up with, I grew up listening to this song and I thought this would be an amazing way to get the message across.’

She then continued to say that doing something for the NHS means so much to her as she has lots of friends and family members who work for the NHS.

She then said:

‘I have friends that are nurses and family that are key workers and seeing all their work and dedication really just moved me to record a cover version of this song.’

We can’t wait to listen to her new music Christmas time and this recreation of Angles is such a great song for Leona to sing for the NHS because they are angles.

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