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Katy Perry Talks About Harry Styles’ Sweet Reaction To Her Pregnancy News

Katy Perry has been talking about the time she told Harry Styles that she was expecting a baby.

The singer has admitted that she was talking to Harry during a plane journey when she decided to blurt out that she is expecting first child with Orlando

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Liam Payne Says One Direction Might Be Getting Back Together

Wow we might have them back.

Liam Payne has said that a One Direction reunion could be on the cards.

Liam has said that the boys are in talks to get back together to Mark their decade milestone during a interview with The Sun.

Liam has admitted that

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Harry Styles Selling £21 T-Shirts With Money Going To COVID-19 Battle

Harry Styles has announced that he is selling £21 T-shirts on his official website in order to raise money for the COVID-19 battle.

The singer has said on his website that the t-shirt is to raise money for the WHO (World Health Organization) and he has said that ‘100% of profits to be donated to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund.

On the t-shirt it reads:

‘Stay home. Stay safe. Protect each other.’

The item is pre-order only and it’s going to take 4-6 weeks from confirmation of purchase.

It was recently when Harry said that he was  stranded in California after being unable to fly home to the UK as planned.

What a wonderful thing to do.

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Could Harry Styles Play Next James Bond? Film Boss Thinks So

When you think of Harry Styles you don’t really think of James Bond now do you but that could m be what he becomes as bosses of the film think that the former One Direction singer would be good at.

The director of the film is about to start getting things rolling for the next couple of  film and if sources are correct it really is looking like Harry could be playing Bond.

It was only last year when Harry got rave reviews after he stared in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk last year and now the Director’s  friend and Sceptre film editor Lee Smith says Harry, 23, could be in with a chance.

Talking to the Daily Star Lee said:

 “Harry could do it. If they wanted a younger Bond then why not? He has got it.”

Daniel Craig is signed up to play Bond for the next film but the next film after that what is set to be released in 2022 hasn’t got a bond.

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Harry Styles Stops Mid Concert After Fan Has Panic Attack In Crowd

Harry Styles has been forced to cancel his concert mid way though after he noticed a fan was having a panic attack in the crowd.

Harry was performing live at the Eventim Apollo on Sunday night during a part of his solo world tour when the girl started having problems.

Harry stopped mid performance and shouted out:

“Is everyone OK? You still with me? Do you want to help her up? If everyone could give her some space. If everyone could chill for one second, we’ll get some people.”

The girl was them pulled over the barrier and treated by a medical team who where are the venue.

The girl in question using the Twitter name of @alienwhiteside tweeted:

Harry Styles stopped his entire

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Louis Walsh Thinks Simon Cowell “Created Monsters” When He Put One Direction Together

Louis walsh x factor monsters

Wow this could get nasty.

Louis Walsh has been working in the musi scene for a heck of a long time now and is responseable for putting some of the biggest bands together but now he has slammed One Direction as he said Simon Cowell “created monsters” when he put the band together!

Louis also admitted that he knew the band wouldn’t be together for ever as she said that he could see them splitting.

Talking to the Mail on Sunday events magazine Mr Walsh said:

“Too much money, too much success, too quickly, “Simon created monsters and that was it. They all think they’re going to be solo stars. They’re not. Only Harry. That’s it.


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